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A FREE event for local suppliers to network with government, large corporation buyers and small business resource companies.

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about RBDAC


 The Clark County Regional Business Development Advisory Council (RBDAC) is charged with proposing and implementing policies that promote the inclusion of local small and disadvantaged businesses in the contracting and procurement processes of public agencies. The Council was created by the Nevada Assembly on July 21, 2003 during a special legislative session. RBDAC meets quarterly and sessions are open to the public.  

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You are an Exhibitor if your main purpose for being at the event is to buy from, or help, small businesses!  These exhibitors can include, but is not limited to, a government agency looking for suppliers, a large corporation looking for suppliers or a resource group that provides services to small businesses.

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Supplier Event


The eighth annual CTOBC supplier event will feature many opportunities for small business owners to help grow their business and secure contracts with public agencies and private industries.

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You are an Attendee if you are a business looking for customers, a business looking for education or assistance from resource groups and/or someone who is considering opening a business and is looking for information.

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